Our gender pay gap reflects the average paid to men and women across our business. It is not a comparison of pay rates for men and women doing work of equal value. Men make up the majority of our workforce at 68.2% but we have a very good balance in the upper quartile with females representing 47.5% of the top 25% paid employees of the business.

POLPO is committed to fair pay and we love that our staff are from such a melting pot of different backgrounds, nationalities and ages. We ensure equal opportunities across the entire business at all levels and support our staff in fulfilling their career goals and objectives. As a result, we benefit from a brilliant workforce. Our mean gender pay gap is 8.8% and our median pay gap is -2.2%, meaning the mid-point salary of our female employees is 2.2% higher than our mid-point salary of our male employees.

Whilst we are proud to have a very well balanced gender split in senior management, we recognize there is more we can do. The fact that we have a much greater number of men working within the company is down to our kitchen staff being predominantly male. We want to challenge this industry norm and are actively looking to fight for a better balance.

I look forward to reporting on our progress in a year’s time.


We confirm the information and data reported is accurate as of the snapshot date 5 April 2017.

Scott Macdonald, Managing Director

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