We had great fun naming this one. Although the main ingredient is coppa (cured pork shoulder), we decided to describe it on the menu as the tongue-twisting ‘Pork & Pickled Pepper Pizzetta’. Unlike the pizzas you find in most pizzerias, ours at POLPO are mostly made without a tomato base. This recipe is one exception. It is completely acceptable to use passata from a jar (it is, after all, one of the advantages of modern civilization).

For one pizzetta:
1 large golf-ball-sized piece of pizza dough (see here for recipe)
2 tablespoons passata
1 handful of grated Parmesan
2-3 very thin slices of coppa
2 pickled jalapeño peppers, thinly sliced (you can get these in jars at your deli or in good supermarkets)
Extra virgin olive oil

Preheat your oven to its highest setting (250°C/Gas 9 or above). At the same time put a pizza stone or baking sheet in the oven to heat up.

Roll out the dough into a 20cm disc. Spread the pizzetta base with the passata. Lightly sprinkle with some grated Parmesan and lay the thinly sliced coppa on top of the sauced base. Sprinkle over a little more Parmesan and the thinly sliced pickled peppers.

Pop the pizzetta into the pre-heated oven on your pizza stone or baking sheet for 8 minutes or so. Add a few drops of olive oil before serving.

This recipe is taken from POLPO – A Venetian Cookbook (of sorts), which you can buy here.

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